Buy Dokra Jewellery Online – a blend of contemporary and traditional Designs

Wearing something unique and different from what others wear is a desire of every woman. For those discerning few, ArtEastri offers a unique alternative jewellery shopping experience online – mainly for Dokra Jewellery – the non-ferrous metal casting using the lost-wax casting technique. We strive to bring you India’s hidden crafts from the Eastern corners of Bengal and Orissa. Stay tuned to us to be the first for a preview of our latest collections. 

Giving New Life to Ancient Jewellery:

We have designers and jewellery artisans who have expertise and knowledge enough in their craft. 

Prices are competitive and depends on type of jewellery you choose.

Have a look at our Jewellery section to enjoy a hassle free online shopping experience with no additional shipping costs for purchases above Rs 500.

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